Saturday, May 18, 2013

Copic REINKER storage

This isn't for the Copic markers...but for their reinkers. For detailed view, click on largest photo. This organizational system is totally and completely mine. I did not see it anywhere at all. I have just been letting my brain 'think' about how to accomplish the storage neatly and it just 'came to me' one evening last week. Photo 1: The storage pieces are all made from 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock. One piece of cardstock will make 1 tray with I-Beams (to separate & sturdy the sections) and 1 place-holder. 16 trays w/fit into a standard (12"x17") cardboard box. Photo 2: Each tray holds 17 reinkers so there are places for 272 Copic reinker bottles. The place-holders are a hollow tube and let me know if a reinker bottle is missing. E31 to the left of E33 is missing. C7 is missing and it's place-holder is to the left of N1. Photo 3 shows a place-holder for the missing reinker bottle YR14. Hopefully I w/find the missing ones when I clean off my craft table. Photo 4: I removed a tray so you could see what they look like close up. I took a few place-holders out of the tray to give you a better view. Please LMK if you have any questions.