Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Embossing Folder Organization

I was at a rubber stamp gathering in August 2014 and saw the cool way that Gloria Albertson (from Texas) had organized her embossing folders. She embossed each folder design on a tag and put the tags on a book ring. That way she knows what she owns. I came home and did the same thing but I numbered mine with corresponding numbers on folder and tag. I used a Sharpie to number the embossing folders. Then I made dividers so there are 10 folders per section. I have a few embossing folders that are the new larger size so I cut a few tags from cardstock in a different color. When I come across any yellow tags (or whatever color you choose) I can tell they are the larger embossing folders. The jar (in the photo below) holds long skinny embossing folders. I put those tags on the blue book ring. Here's pictures of the completed project: