Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tote Bag w/Lazy Susan

If you're like me and bought your tote bag before the new ones with the build in lazy-susan came out, there's a way to have your bag spinning in no time! I bought a 10" lazy-susan at a Thrift Store for around $2 and it's made so much difference in my stamping/scrapping! Go for the wood ones as the plastic ones aren't strong enough to support the weight of a loaded tote bag. LOL (but so true!)

Tote Tag with an 'Avis' Twist

Okay, as Murphy's Law would have it, when I put my Tote Tag on my bag (photo on left), half the time it flipped around to the back so all you saw was white paper. My twist to the Tote Tag is to create another mini scrapbook page and adhere it to the back (white side) of the Tote Tag. To keep the photo (on right) from getting scratched, I cut a piece of plastic from the rest of the stamp box. The plastic is secured to the photo with two crystal brads (Brights Crystal Brads pg. 86), the ribbons were added and then the photo was adhered to the scrapbook page on the right with adhesive.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Stamping Buddy, Jackie!

About 3-4 years ago, I started stamping with Jackie Lockwood. She's my friend, my neighbor and also my TAC customer. We get together almost every Monday morning at my house and stamp until early afternoon. It is a great way to start off the week and gives us both something to look forward to! This is a card that I designed for us to stamp last Monday and I thought I'd share it with you. We each make 24 cards, then we put these cards aside so we'll have a large assortment to give to our sisters for their birthdays. Thus, we make 'Sister Cards' on Mondays. We both have a lot of sisters and they enjoy getting a batch of handstamped cards that they can send out to their people. We mainly make 'Thinking of You' cards so by sticking to this generic theme, the exact same card can be sent to one person for a sympathy card, to another person for a birthday card and to a third person for a get-well card, etc.

The bottom of this card was done with the ScorPal. I scored the gridlines and then sanded them so they would POP!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tote Tag

Here is the first Tote Tag that I made and I'm totally loving it!!! My talented friend, Heather Scott, came up with the idea to use the lid from our stamp boxes (GWP, Level A sets, etc.) to create these adorable tags to hang on your bags! It is SO easy and quick to make, not to mention a whole lot of FUN. To make will need the lid from one of our stamp boxes, paper, stamps, ink, Designer Dries Clear Glue (pg. 122), a photo and one or two embellishments. Because you are attaching your photo (mini scrapbook page) to the back side of the lid, you end up with a 3D shadow box effect, so the embellishments that you add don't need to be flat.

After you have created your 'mini scrapbook page' you will want to attach it to the lid of the stamp box. Simply lay the lid on your surface with the flat portion down on the table. Place a
dot of DDCGlue on your index (pointing) finger and run your finger down the side of the lid. The glue will 'roll' right onto the lip of the box. When done, wipe your finger off on a damp cloth so you don't get glue on your photo (like I did), then lay scrapbook page on top of the glue and press gently to secure. Add ribbons, tied in a square knot, attach to tote bag, purse, etc. with a book ring.

Luggage Tag

For all you Coluzzle lovers out there, did you know that TAC has a NEW much larger Coluzzle circle template in our catalogue?!!! It is called the Large Nested Circle (pg. 116). Of course that was one of the first things I had to purchase when our Spring/Summer Inspiration Book & Catalogue first came out! I used a flower stamp from 'Starburst Florals' and lines from 'Just a Note'. Punched a hole and set an eyelet with my Crop-a-dile and it was done! I did the same thing on the back so if the tag flips over, the info is still there for all to see.