Wednesday, November 26, 2008


TAC is having a HUGE PAPER SALE from December 1st to the 31st. This holiday season, celebrate with family, friends and a feast of 9 FABULOUS Angel Company paper products that you will FLIP for! Get a head start on the holidays and spread some warm Christmas cheer with "Buy One Get One Free" options on some of our FAVORITE TAC paper products.

Purchase any product from our list of FAB FAVES and we'll send you another identical FAB FAVE product for FREE! Take advantage of as many "Buy One Get One Free" offers as you'd like.

To check out what the papers look like and see the FAB FAVE list, go to TAC's website ( Once you've checked them out and have decided which ones you can't live without (LOL) email me ( and I'll be happy to get your order placed for you right away.

I'm SUPER EXCITED (as you can probably tell) and can't wait to order some of these for myself!!!

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