Friday, November 20, 2009

Scor-Pal 3x3 envelope!!! Here's how...

I recently designed a 3x3 envelope that I made on the Scor-Pal. I emailed Diana Crick, designer of the Scor-Pal and she is going to post the directions (see mine below) to her Yahoo Group, 'Scorpalpals'. Here's the link to join, if you are as much in love with the Scor-Pal as I am!

Begin with 5x5 text-weight (computer) paper. Turn square so you have a diamond shape. Align top and opposite points on the first triangle groove (which is just past the 3 1/2" mark). SCORE at the first dot (2 1/8") groove. Rotate paper and repeat three more times. Fold into envelope shape.

To aid in folding the text-weight paper, I made a 3x3 template from plastic but you could easily use one made from cardstock. Place in center of scored paper and fold sides in first, secure with a drop of adhesive. Then fold bottom up and secure with adhesive. If you get a little heavy handed with the adhesive, the plastic template will keep you from gluing the envelope shut. You won't need a template if you're making a cardstock envelope. To see a larger view, click on the picture. Enjoy!!!