Monday, February 18, 2008

Tote Tag

Here is the first Tote Tag that I made and I'm totally loving it!!! My talented friend, Heather Scott, came up with the idea to use the lid from our stamp boxes (GWP, Level A sets, etc.) to create these adorable tags to hang on your bags! It is SO easy and quick to make, not to mention a whole lot of FUN. To make will need the lid from one of our stamp boxes, paper, stamps, ink, Designer Dries Clear Glue (pg. 122), a photo and one or two embellishments. Because you are attaching your photo (mini scrapbook page) to the back side of the lid, you end up with a 3D shadow box effect, so the embellishments that you add don't need to be flat.

After you have created your 'mini scrapbook page' you will want to attach it to the lid of the stamp box. Simply lay the lid on your surface with the flat portion down on the table. Place a
dot of DDCGlue on your index (pointing) finger and run your finger down the side of the lid. The glue will 'roll' right onto the lip of the box. When done, wipe your finger off on a damp cloth so you don't get glue on your photo (like I did), then lay scrapbook page on top of the glue and press gently to secure. Add ribbons, tied in a square knot, attach to tote bag, purse, etc. with a book ring.

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