Friday, February 7, 2014

A2 What’s Moo? by Avis Anderson Supplies: 4¼” x 9” cardstock (card base-white) 3¾” x 4” cardstock (panel-blue) Scoring Board Standard Circles–lg. #3 die (counting from smallest die to largest) 2½” x 2½” cardstock (sentiment-green) Standard Circles–sm. #4 die Big Shot 3” x 3” Post-It Note Adhesive Directions: Find the center of the #3 die and mark (see example 1) on the top & the bottom of the smooth unridged side of die with a Sharpie. Set aside. (Example 1)
Begin with card base. With right side facing up and 9” across top fence (ATF) of score board, score ONLY the top & bottom inch (see example 2) on the 4½” score line. If you accidently score the whole line, don’t panic because it won’t show too much. Leaving the center portion unscored strengthens the circle. Emboss panel and then adhere (put adhesive on top, bottom & right sides of panel only), centering on the right side of your card. (Example 2)
Okay, it’s show time!!! Stick post-it note on premarked die, lining it up on center marks. Then line up score lines with right edge of post-it (see example 3). Run finger down adhesive portion so it will stay in place. All that’s left is cutting it out on the Big Shot. (Example 3)
Place the multipurpose platform (tab 1) on the left side of your Big Shot, next goes the bottom acrylic cutting pad, then the cardstock/die. See example 4 → Slip in the top acrylic cutting pad. It will go on top of the right side only, the side that has the exposed die. Butt it up to the post-it and top & bottom score lines. Because the top cutting pad is not covering the left side (post-it side) of the card, that side won’t be cut. (Example 4)
Contact me ( and I will email you the above document (n 1 sheet) with all the pictures.

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Yuki Zepeda said...

I love your "step-by-step" instructions!!!! Kewl card Avis!