Thursday, February 20, 2014

May Day Baskets

I am totally in loVe with my Envelope Punch Board (EPB). I got mine from HSN for $20 + shipping and just last month I found that Walmart carries the EPB so I ordered one online (gift for a friend) for only $14.50 and just had to go to my local Walmart to pick it up. I used it to make both the basket and the bows. I found the project on Pinterest and you can find the directions here: You begin with an 8"x8" piece of paper. There are tons of pins on how to make the bow using the EPB but this link takes you to my favorite bow: She makes hers 1" wide and the rest of the bows on Pinterest are a bit wider and don't look nearly as nice IMHO. She used cardstock strips that are 1" x 6", 1" x 3½" and then ¼" x 1¼". To those strips I added a 1" x 5½" strip because I think my 'double bow' looks way cuter!!! You can use any punch to construct the handle. I used a Martha Stewart punch and my cardstock strip was 1½" x 11". The handle is glued to the outside of the basket and the bows cover up the ends. The white strip on the sunflower basket handle is ¼" x 11". These baskets are sturdier if you use cardstock. I used text weight paper from a tableton the sunflower basket and my 2nd basket pictured below was made from cardstock. The tiny baskets (that will hold a handfull of M&M's) began was a 4"x4" square. If you have any questions, please ask. Comments are ALWAYS welcome... Simply 'click' on photo for a larger view.

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